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music is my life so suggestions aren't hard to come by

I just picked up No Thanks! The 70s Punk Rebellion
this is an amazing compilation
it mainly composed of people I've never heard of, or heard very very little of
no sex pistols! and only 2 Ramones songs (cause for celebration?)
favourtie songs off of it... this is artist/title right?

Dead Boys/Sonic Reducer
Magazine/Shot by Both Sides
Joy Division/Love Will Tear Us Apart

i could go on for almost the entire 4 CD set!
there's a lot of artists on here that you wouldn't normally think of punk, like the pretenders and elvis costello! ahwell, it still seems to work out

I'm always interested in different kinds of music so please, i'd love to hear what you recommend!

I'm looking for a song by MC Solaar entitled 'Cinquéme Saison'
does anyone know what album its off of?
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