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I'm in the process of making a really good 'broken heart' mix- i plan on posting it here when i finish like a diligent emo soldier.

An amazing new artist- Joanna Newsom.
You are doing yourselves a grave disservice if you do not listen to her song "sprout and the bean."

I slept all day
awoke with distaste
and I railed,
and I raved

That the difference between
the sprout and the bean
is a golden ring,
it is a twisted string.
And you can ask the counsellor;
you can ask the king;
and they'll say the same thing;
and it's a funny thing:

Should we go outside?
Should we go outside?
Should we break some bread?
Are y'interested?

And as I said,
I slept as though dead
dreaming seamless dreams of lead.

When you go away,
I am big-boned and fey
in the dust of the day,
in the dirt of the day.

and Danger! Danger! Drawing near them was a white coat,
and Danger! Danger! drawing near them was a broad boat,
And the water! water! running clear beneath a white throat,
and the hollow chatter of the talking of the Tadpoles,

who know th'outside!
Should we go outside?
Should we break some bread?
Are y'interested?

Also, a new website of interest: www.musicplasma.com
matches your music interests with similar artists. Worth a look.
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