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i just made an awesome mix now compliment me

especially since half the songs are just david's reccommendations and the stuff i've been putting on mix cds for years.

1. The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
2. Van Morrison- I can only give you Everything
3. Elvis Costello- Veronica, acoustic
4. Os Mutantes- Bat Macumba
5. The Barbarians- Are you a boy or are you a girl
6. Claude Chalhoub- Don't wake me Up
7. Phillip Glass- knee play 5
8. Penguin Cafe Orchestra- Silver Star of Bologna
9. Astor Piazzolla- Tango Fugata
10. Kanui and Lula- My little grass shack
11. Billy Bragg- This guitar says Sorry
12. The Adicts- Joker in the pack
13. Bjork and the Brodsky Quartet- Bachelorette
14. Devo- Mongoloid
15. The Cars- Shake it Up
16. David Bowie- Suffragette City
17. UJ3RK5- Naum Gabo
18. Four Tet- Twenty Three
19. The Books- Take Time
20. Typical Cats- Any Day
21. Deltron 3030- Memory Loss
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