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Your polyester kakis are filling me with fear!

...2, 3, skank!
well they follow us around
wherever we may go
it feels like there's no freedom
not even in our homes

from the polyester khakis
they were driving me insane
the reason why i drink
it took away the pain

well the polyester khakis
they were filling me with fear
that's why i go down town
and buy some more beer!

control resist
resist control!

The Mad Caddies are really awesome and everyone should like them, even if polyestr khakis do not drive you into a scared frenzy.

Speaking of a frenzy...

Five Iron Frenzy is pretty amazing too. I think what i love about them the most are their really profound lyrics, found in songs such as "My Evil Plan to Save The World", "These are Not My Pants", and "Pre-Ex-Girlfriend." Although another band with rather meaningful lyrics are The Planet Smashers, with songs such as "My Girlfriend is a Vampire," "Coolest Guy in the Whole World," and OF COURSE their most well known song, "Super Orgy Porno Party."

Enjoy! and let me know if you would like any of these songs. :)

L ~)(~
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