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the rules:

1. Each post should contain a suggestion.

2. Anything you want to post that isn't a part of the suggestion should be cut, such as song lyrics, series of pictures, or surveys. this is how you make an lj-cut.

3. Except for requests and questions.

4. The proper format for posting songs is Artist - Title.

5. Any suggestions for the modification and/or improvement of this community are welcome!

6. Game and wordplay ideas don't need to be cut either. Smiley faces are welcome. :) Punctuation is welcome.

7. You're not allowed to suggest DJ Adolf.

8. don't be an idiot or cause drama.

9. Do not Talk about Secret Club. We don't really follow the rules. They're more like guidelines, anyway.

10. enjoy!

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against me!, aimee mann, alejandro sanz, antonio carlos jobim, aphrodite's child, arrested development, astor piazolla, astrud gilberto, bauhaus, bela bartok, belle and sebastian, ben folds, benny hill, bjork, blonde redhead, bone thugs & harmony, burl ives, cab calloway, christian death, chrono trigger, claude chalhoub, crass, daft punk, david bowie, dead kennedys, del shannon, dizzy gillespie, django reinhardt, duke ellington, eels, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, elvis costello, fairport convention, fiona apple, flaming lips, frank sinatra, frank zappa, franka potente, germs, grace slick, guster, hedwig, herman's hermits, high fidelity, isaac hayes, jack off jill, jeff buckley, jello biafra, jelly roll morton, joanna newsom, joao gilberto, john cage, john coltrane, johnny cash, joy division, jurassic 5, kill hannah, labyrinth, ladytron, lauryn hill, leftover crack, leonard cohen, low, manu chao, mc5, melissa ferrick, midnight syndicate, miguelito valdez, miles davis, minor threat, mint royale, miss saigon, mission of burma, moby, modest mouse, musicians, nada surf, neubauten, neutral milk hotel, nick cave, nico, nine inch nails, parliament, patsy cline, paul oakenfold, pj harvey, placebo, polaris, portishead, radiohead, ramones, rasputina, records, robert shaw, rocky horror picture show, rozz williams, sam cooke, sandy denny, shostakovich, sigur ros, simon and garfunkel, siouxsie and the banshees, sleater-kinney, socrates, sonic youth, soulseek, stan getz, strange fruit, stravinsky, subhumans, sublime, super nintendo, switchblade symphony, the bad seeds, the band, the beastie boys, the beatles, the birthday party, the breeders, the clash, the cure, the doors, the elastik band, the gin blossoms, the locust, the nuggets collection, the smiths, the standells, the stooges, the tasteful nudes, the velvet underground, the world/inferno friendship society, the yeah yeah yeahs, thelonious monk, they might be giants, tito puente, tito rodriguez, tom waits, tricky, tthe pixies, uj3rk5, vangelis, velvet underground, wesley willis, wilco, xavier cugat, xymox, yann tiersen, zombie prom